USO artwork

Standard posters.

Standard posters are 25cm x 70cm and exist with four different motives. To prepare them for a specific concert a sticker with the respective information is printed and put on the poster. Printing the posters in 50cmx70cm is really cheap (they are black and white - i.e. only "one color") if you order around 1000 copies. Cutting is for free, so essentially per concert the stickers are more expensive than the posters. Still a very reasonable way to get cheap posters in a decent and unusual size.

Special posters

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Non-standard posters (in DIN A3) are produced regularly since around 2013 - so maybe they are not so "non-standard" anymore. Note that the very first one ("...plays Elgar") from March 2013 is culled from a web-flyer since the poster itself was in portrait orientation.

Posters are shown in reverse chronology, with the most recent poster first.

The May 2020 concert got cancelled due to corona virus pandemic restrictions. The program got rescheduled for 2020 and 2021.

The same happened to February 2021, unfortunately. The program got rescheduled to May 2021.

May 2021, still Corona, still restrictions. No reheasals and, consequently, no concert. The program got rescheduled to 2022. Hopefully!

All pictures: © Hagen Stockhausen | Creative commons license by-nd-nc applies.