The symphony orchestra at the University of Bergen (USO)

The USO was founded in 1985 and mainly consists of students and employees of the University in Bergen and the high schools in Bergen. It is no pure student orchestra and has thus an age average slightly above a common student orchestra. USO generally has two concerts per term which are usually performed in Korskirken. We perform symphonic works of all different kinds of composers as well as soloist concerts. Get an impression of our repertoire and have a look at some previous concert programs here. If you are interested in our current program then just look here.
  If you would like to play in our orchestra (we have no audition for new members) your are cordially invited to come to our regular rehearsal (wednesday, 18:30 - 21:30, large auditorium in the Studentsenteret). Generally are we in need of people playing all sorts of strings but if you play french horn, bassoon or brass you are equally welcome. Ususally the need for woodwind players is low but just give it at try because we sometimes do have vacancies due to fluctuation in the personell.